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DadSpace: Mental, emotional and practical support for expectant and new dads

Dads: Do you feel overwhelmed or struggling to cope?

Join the DadBooster research trial and learn how to feel better.

DadSpace: Supporting Fathers Through the Transition to Parenthood

Parenthood is a whirlwind. It’s a time of great joy, but also of immense change. As new parents, you’re juggling new roles, demands, and responsibilities. It’s no wonder that so many parents feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and even depressed or anxious.

But there is hope. Research shows that dads who know what to expect and have the right support can better manage the transition to parenthood.

That’s why the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) has developed DadSpace, a website dedicated to supporting fathers across Australia. DadSpace provides information, strategies, tips, and resources specifically for dads.

And now, PIRI is excited to launch DadBooster, a free online program designed to help dads who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. DadBooster is the first program of its kind in Australia, and PIRI is looking for 50 dads to help evaluate its effectiveness.

If you’re a dad who is struggling, remember you’re not alone.

DadSpace: Tools for Dads Who Need a Little Extra Help

Dad, you’re not alone. The transition to parenthood can be tough, and it’s okay to need help. That’s why DadSpace is here. At DadSpace, you can find a variety of tools and resources to help you navigate this new chapter in your life. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, need help caring for your baby or yourself, or just need some ideas to promote confidence and reduce distress, DadSpace has you covered.



DadBooster: An active, six-session cognitive-behavioural therapy program for dads. Boost your mental well-being and strengthen your fatherhood journey.


Baby Steps

Dadspace's Baby Steps program: Essential skills for new parents navigating life with a baby. Get expert guidance and support on this educational website.


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