Help evaluate DadBooster and learn strategies to feel better


PIRI is conducting a research study to evaluate DadBooster. This research study will evaluate the effectiveness of the DadBooster program as a treatment for dads experiencing depression and anxiety after the birth of their child.

Help evaluate DadBooster and learn strategies to feel better2023-08-29T13:29:13+10:00

You & your partner


Parenthood is a time of transition, requiring you & your partner to mobilise lots of your resources and energy to cope with it. New parents must adapt to a new role with enormous ongoing demands and responsibilities.

You & your partner2023-04-03T13:47:49+10:00

Managing your time


When your baby first arrives home your schedule is completely out of your hands. Managing your time can be very difficult. Here's a few tips on how to develop a flexible plan for time management.

Managing your time2023-06-21T09:22:45+10:00

Getting support


Having a network of personal supporters can ease at least some of the burdens you are experiencing as a new Dad. Your support network can include your partner, your family members, mates or sporting club members or new contacts you make with local Dads you meet through your baby.

Getting support2023-04-03T13:24:13+10:00

Solving problems


Solving problems is a skill that helps you when a difficult situation arises. It gives you a process for thinking through options, trying out possible solutions, and revising the game plan as needed to figure out what will really work for you, your partner and baby.

Solving problems2023-04-03T13:12:01+10:00

Communication skills


Effective communication means being able to communicate clearly and graciously, asking for what you want and saying "No" to things you don't want. Here's a few tips on developing your communication skills.

Communication skills2023-04-03T10:04:12+10:00

Looking after your partner and your relationship


It is important you look after yourself physically and emotionally. This means making sure you get sleep, exercise and eat well. Whilst doing these things with a baby in the home might seem difficult, with a little planning, it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Looking after your partner and your relationship2023-04-12T15:39:37+10:00
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