It’s not always easy to adjust to the new role of being a dad but not many dads recognise how they feel or ask for help!

Many dads with new babies feel stressed out and isolated as they juggle sleepless nights, helping at home, and the need to still go to work.

When providing support to your partner and baby, don’t forget about yourself. You need to be looked after too. Use whatever support is available and take time to work out ways to grow your support network so you can share your experiences and ask for advice. This might involve family, friends, and other dads with new babies.

Here’s 10 Survival Tips other dads have shared:

Tip #1: Accept help from anyone who offers. This might include help around the home, food in the freezer, babysitting and gardening.

Tip #2: Be prepared that some of your family and friends may not understand how you are feeling and what support you need. Be patient with them.

Tip #3: Stay in regular contact with family and friends. It’s important you have someone to talk to about your experiences, both at home and at work.

Tip #4: Acknowledge the effort you are making for your family and be kind to yourself.

Tip #5: You may feel tired and frustrated so make time to stop and breathe rather than expressing anger or resentment.

Tip #6: Try to be positive in front of your partner even if your confidence is wavering.

Tip #7: Stay active. Play some sport or engage in an activity that doesn’t take you away from home for too long. Being active burns energy and provides social interactions that are really important.

Tip #8: Make sure you and your partner get out of the house on a regular basis – with or without the kids. Even a quick walk around the block can help you reconnect.

Tip #9: Take any anger should it fly your way and be patient with your replies. You partner may be stressed out too and doesn’t mean what she said.

Tip #10: Reassure your partner that you will get through any situation together. A positive attitude and united approach will bring you closer together. Communication is the key to survival for any new parent.