Whether it’s your first child or you already have a tribe, becoming a dad is not always easy. Dads share their experiences on becoming fathers and the joys and the challenges they faced.

Personal Stories

After the birth of our first baby, my husband had moments of feeling insecure, excluded, useless, tired and had so many questions in his head as to what was normal to expect from me and what was expected of him. He found your website randomly after asking Google a question and he was so glad he did. After reading many of the Dad Stories and articles he felt prepared, he had tools to use and he knew what he could expect. As a new mother, when hubby told me things were normal, or identified things that I didn’t even realise were happening, it made me feel safe and loved knowing that he had looked into things. This was the same when our second baby came along.  We truly think this website is amazing and so helpful,” Anonymous.

Darren Jolly – What helps

Darren Jolly talks about what he found helped when his partner was struggling with postnatal depression.

Scott – One family’s story

Scott shares his personal experience of his partner having postnatal depression.

Luke Tiller – Dads and Postnatal Depression

Luke talks about his experience with postnatal depression. Luke is a father of 2 and shares with you his journey of transitioning from a full time worker to full time dad.

Source: Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa PADA

Ross Hunt – Reveals his experiences

Ross developed postnatal depression following the birth of his daughter Isabelle. He wants people to know the condition can affect dads too.

Community HUGS for Dads

John, Roy and Steve share insights into the challenges of their transition to parenthood.

Postnatal depression in men – BBC Stories

John, Brad and Tony share their experiences on becoming fathers and the challenges they faced.

Insights from health professionals

Signs Of Male Postpartum Depression

Will Courtenay, PhD Psychotherapist, explains the signs of postpartum depression in men, which can be difficult to recognise due to the fact that men experience and cope with depression differently than women do.

Do Fathers Experience Postpartum Depression?

New dads don’t get depressed, right? Wrong. Post-partum depression CAN affect new fathers. Learn more with Dr. David Levine, SMG Pediatrician and (now) happy new dad!