Towards Parenthood

If you are preparing for the changes and challenges of a new baby, you will enjoy reading Towards Parenthood‘. This book focuses on the main areas of change encountered by men and women as they make the transition into parenthood. Text and thought-provoking exercises prepare the reader for the emotional, social, and psychological changes that may arise as they become parents. The focus is on developing both coping skills and parenting skills.

Baby Steps

For all new parents there are great online tools to help you manage the challenges of parenting. Baby Steps is a free online program that aims to enhance the wellbeing of new mums and dads. Baby Steps was written for people having their first baby, but can be used by anyone with a young baby who wants to learn more about caring for their baby or themselves.

What Were We Thinking!

What Were We Thinking! is another program that offers new parents two useful tools, the evidence-based What Were We Thinking! program from which a professionally moderated parenting blog and a free mobile app, have been derived and adapted. This Australian program helps new mums and dads learn practical skills for settling babies and adjusting to changes in their relationship with each other.