Who are we?

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) is a vigorous and innovative Australian research institute whose vision is to improve the emotional well-being of parents and to optimise infant development. PIRI provides a unique contribution to early intervention by combining basic research and clinical expertise to address depression and other difficulties facing parents and infants. The Institute is a leading body recognized internationally for its cutting-edge research into perinatal depression and anxiety and translating research to practice.

PIRI’s 20-years of ground-breaking work has resulted in a suite of evidence-based programs that have and will continue to provide support to thousands of Australian mums, dads, children and their families. PIRI is a not-for-profit research institute which conducts international research and develops rigorously evaluated early intervention programs that enhance perinatal mental health and improve early parent-infant relationships (0-2 years). We remain absolutely committed to working with families and health professionals to ensure better outcomes and a bright future.

Find out more about PIRI at www.piri.org.au

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